About the Book

Rhino poaching is a scourge which, unless it is stopped, will drive rhinos towards extinction. The Poacher’s Moon by Richard Peirce is the true story of poachers attacking rhinos on three Western Cape game reserves in South Africa. Higgins and Lady are two rhinos which live on the Fairy Glen game reserve near Worcester. They were attacked, their horns were hacked off, and against all the odds they survived. The Poacher’s Moon is the story of Higgins and Lady and of rhino poaching in South Africa.

Rhino horn is now worth more than gold so people will kill for it and are prepared to die for it. The Poacher’s Moon is a brutal story of human greed, but also of the human love that saved Higgins and Lady from slow agonising deaths.

The Poachers Moon was published on September 1st 2013 and is available at £9.99 from bookshops and online from:

A portion of the net proceeds from sales of The Poacher’s Moon will be donated by Richard and Jacqui Peirce to “on the ground” rhino protection against poaching.


All trade is based on supply and demand. When there is a demand there will always be a supply. Prohibition in the U.S, the global drugs trade, and human trafficking etc. all had, and have massive and sophisticated police resources deployed against them but the supply continued and often increased.

The trade in wildlife and animal body parts is no different. Rhino horn, ivory, shark fins, and others continue to be harvested legally and illegally to satisfy an ever growing demand. The lessons of history indicate that we will not save earth’s wildlife by trying to regulate or stop supply. The only thing that will ultimately prove effective is to regulate demand.

The conservation of our wild fauna and flora is a highly complex set of issues. However for many animal species the demand comes from one area of the world, and one country in particular within that area - China. If conservation NGO’s, CITES, the IUCN, and others turned their attention to stopping demand, rather than tinkering with supply, their efforts would be more effective. Humans have always hunted wild animals and eaten parts of them. However the difference today is that many of these species face extinction, and often consumption is based on belief in questionable medicinal qualities. Erroneous belief and extinction are powerful arguments, and the global conservation community should deploy them in Southeast Asia to stop the demand.

- Jacqui Peirce


Hacking body parts off living animals for calculated financial gain places humans in a behavioural class on their own at the bottom ofthe pile.

Every year millions of sharks have their fins cut off while still alive, rhino are darted and have their horns removed while immobile, bears have catheters inserted into their gall bladders to remove bile, and the list goes on...

The Poacher’s Moon is the story of rhinos which were attacked and died and others which lived. In 2012, 668 rhinos were poached in South Africa, and I have often heard the struggle against poaching referred to as a war.

The rangers, park wardens, police and military fighting the poachers cannot win the war as long as the value of rhino horn is so high that people are prepared to risk their lives to acquire it. The poachers can make the rules up as they go along, while the other side have to play by the book.

Rhinos have been on our planet for around 50 million years;by comparison humans have been on earth for 10 minutes. If humans continue to live unsustainably, then maybe the rhino will be around in another 50 million years, long after humans have disappeared!

- Richard Peirce


"The Poacher’s Moon has brought back vivid memories of the tragedy at the Aquila Game Reserve in 2011. From the sadness and devastation a positive was created and Saving Private Rhino.org was born. This organisation has led to arrests, ivory and horn worth millions has been seized, and rangers trained in anti-poaching tactics. My thanks to Richard Peirce for his dedication to Africa’s rhino, and I applaud his efforts to keep the poaching epidemic at the forefront of everyone’s mind."

Searl Derman, Owner of Aquila Game Reserve

"After we did the first horn treatment Richard interviewed me several times both on the phone and at the Inverdoorn reserve. The Poacher’s Moon is a realistic actual account of rhino horn poaching today. I am glad the book mentions the treatment we used which I believe is an effective way to defend the species. Richard Peirce is an experienced and dedicated conservationist and writer and has used his skills to portray a true picture of the barbarity happening to rhino and other species in Africa. A disturbing but very good read."

Damien Vergnaud, Rhino Protect Founder

"This book is a fantastic account of what happened at Fairy Glen, and I am sure it will be a big success not only as a true story but also from an educational perspective. Reading Poacher’s Moon brought back both painful and happy memories. As someone who wasn’t there at the time of the tragic events, Richard has captured what happened with almost uncanny accuracy."

Pieter de Jager, Owner of Fairy Glen Reserve